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Remote Sensing & GIS Applications


|Crop type and estimation | Land use and wasteland management | Watershed based planning, development and monitoring | Cadastral level mapping

Water Resources

| Water resources management | Surface water inventory | Command area, Catchment area analysis | Ground Water prospects mapping and location of Recharge Sites

Geology and Mineral Applications

| Mining, Quarrying area analysis | Generating Geology and Geo-morphology maps | Mineral exploration

Infrastructure Development

| Mapping/Up gradation of Infrastructure | Alignment of Highways /Railways/Canal/Pipeline/Power Lines | Identification of sites for developmental projects | Tourist Maps

Rural Applications

| Town/Village mapping for road connectivity, resource assessment, water supply and sanitation planning, localized information system at unit levels

Coastal/Marine Applications

| Coastal land use and Wetland mapping | Cadastral level mapping for coastal regulation zone (CRZ) | erosion analysis | Harbour/Port site selection | Marine Pollution monitoring | Potential Fishing Zone (PFZ) identification

Urban Development

|Urban land use maps covering existing residential, industrial, business, recreational and green belt areas | Urban sprawl mapping and change detection | New areas for urban expansion | Growth for road, water supply and drainage systems | Storm water runoff modeling | Transportation planning | GIS based Utility Services

Forestry Applications

| Forrest mapping/monitoring aforestation/social forestry/plantations | Fire monitoring and damage estimation | Density and condition assessment | Encroachment assessment | Stock mapping | Bio-diversity assessment and identifying Hot Spots

Environment and Disaster Management

| Flood mapping and damage assessment | Waste disposal site selection | Earthquake and Landslide prone area identification | Drought Prediction, monitoring and assessment | Site selection for wind energy harvesting | Cyclone prediction, monitoring and mitigation planning | Environmental impact assessment |


| Base Map Generation | Value Added Services in RS and GIS | Assistance/support for data selection | Consultancy in RS/GIS laboratory design/configuration | Development/Customisation of user applications using standard commercial software